Tsachkhuru archangel’s church is located on Khirzeni slope 7 km from the center of the village of Sakhino in Martvili municipality. Many pilgrims visit the church. Every Thursday after Orthodox Easter, childless couples and those who are thankful for having a child visit the church to participate in an annual pilgrimage. They bring a tiny and beautifully decorated cradle with a doll inside it. If the god rewards the couple with an heir he will be brought up with the love of the god. The couples are given Eucharist and after that together with the pilgrims they are invited for the dinner organized by the diocese. The church is called Moske-Tsachkhuru, which means Medzeve “the church which rewards the couples with a son”. In most cases, barefoot childless pilgrims visit the church; they carry tiny cradles and ask god for a son. The history of Tsachkhuru archangel’s church starts from the 1-st century BC when Andrew, one of the apostles of Jesus set up a stone cross on the place. The church was built in the 7th century and repaired in the 18th century. There are also attractive waterfalls and caves near the church.