Toba and Oniore waterfalls – two waterfalls in the western part of Georgia, Martvili Municipality are located in the southwestern part of the river Askhi close to the Toba riverhead. There is a limestone hill near the river Toba which has waterfalls flowing from karst caves. This river possesses one of the highest cascade waterfalls in Georgia at 234m, of which 21 m is inside the cave.
There are also four lakes in this cave. The waterfalls and caves create an interesting perspective for tourists. It represents a unique natural complex.
The route to get there starts from Martvili and leads to the village Meore Balda. First there is 14 km of motorway. After that there is 4km walking trail to the Toba riverhead and the bottom of the hill. It is difficult to reach the cave. While going there it is recommended to take special equipment and it is necessary to have an inflatable boat. There is a 15x20m opening in the hill, which is the entrance.
There are several halls in the three-storied cave with multiple branches. Some of them are named with names such as Nona Hall, Nana Hall, Salon, University 50 or Tbiani. One of the stalagmites is 7m high. The total length of the cave is 1300 m.


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