Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. There are more than 500 grape varieties in Georgia and 60 of them are grown in the Samegrelo region. The Ojaleshi wine is the most famous among them. Ojaleshi in Megrelian language means ‘grown up the tree’, as the grapes were cultured to grow up tree branches. The Ojaleshi grape produces a dry, red wine of dark colour, high acidity and distinctive flavour. The revival of Megrelian wine happened in the 19th century thanks to Achille Murat, a French son-in- law of the Dadiani family, the husband of Salome Dadiani. He was the first to establish European style winemaking enterprises in Georgia. He planted new vineyards and purchased modern equipment, which was necessary for the development of viticulture. The best Ojaleshi wines are produced in the villages of Martvili region such as Salkhino, Tamakoni, Targameuli, Nakhunao, Abedati etc. Ojaleshi is the winner of several wine festivals all over the world. Ojaleshi wine perfectly goes with the Megrelian cuisine.