of Martvili

Martvili Municipality is located in the Samegrelo – Upper Svaneti region in the northeastern part of west Georgia. It comprises a town, Martvili, and twenty villages. The administrative centre is the town of Martvili. Martvili municipality covers an area of 880,6 square kilometres. The southern part of the territory comprises lowlands. The highest place, Tekhurishdudi, is located at 3003 m above sea level. The Askhi mountain range extends southwest part of the municipal territory.

The population comprises 33463 people, whereof the majority are ethnic Georgians.

The town of Martvili had several names depending on the political regime. Formerly called Chkondidi, under the Soviet rule the town was called Gegechkori in honour of the old Bolsheviks born in Martvili. There is an old monastery consisting of the main temple of the 7th to 10th centuries, the church of Mcire Chikvani (10th century), the pillar (11th century) and the defensive wall with secondary buildings. There is also an ethnographic museum in the centre of the town.